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2021 - Phaidon Editors, Prime: Art's Next Generation. Phaidon, UK. 


2021 - Margot Norton, Jamillah James, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New Museum Triennial: Soft Water Hard Stone. Phaidon, UK


2021 - Underwood, J. L. & Okeke-Agulu, C et al. African Artists: From 1882 to Now. Phaidon, UK

2021 - Evans, N & McGregor, C. Source Materials. Griffith University Art Museum, Australia. 

2020 - Andrew, B et al. NIRIN: 22nd Biennale of Sydney, Biennale of Sydney Ltd, Sydney, Australia

2019 - Martin, C.J. Four Generations: The Joyner / Giuffrida Collection of Abstract Art, Gregory Miller & Co, New York, USA



2022 - Mitter, S. Art That Finds Clarity in South Africa’s Fraught Terrain, New York Times

2022 - A Buyer’s Guide to the Breakout Stars of the New Museum Triennial: Who They Are and Where to Find Them, Artnet

2021 - Kelly, B.P. ‘Triennial: Soft Water Hard Stone’ Review: What’s Old Is New at the New Museum, The Wall Street Journal

2021 - Neophytou, N. Bronwyn Katz Brings African Art To The New Museum's 2021 Triennial, Okayafrica


2021 - Mitter, S. Seeking Art That Expands the Possibilities for a Troubled World, The New York Times

2021 - Davis, B. The New Museum’s Muted 2021 Triennial Reflects Culture’s Inward Turn, and Perhaps Its Exhaustion, Artnet

2021 - Get to Know 5 Rising Art Stars From the New Museum Triennial, Interview Magazine

2021 - Swinney, N. Among the Asphodels: Bronwyn Katz’s ‘I turn myself into a star and visit my loved ones in the sky,’ Artthrob

2021 - Black, H. Bronwyn Katz: Beauty is the Magic that Life Shows Us When We Pay Attention, Elephant

2021 - Chu, M. What to See in South London Gallery During Gallery Weekend, Frieze

2021 - The Monocle Minute: Points of View, Monocle

2020 - Jamal, A. One and Four Beds: Tshabangu, Walters, Gqunta, Katz, and Mellish, Artthrob

2020 - Mitter, S. Stellenbosch Triennale, a Bold Experiment, The New York Times

2019 - Tsotsi, T. Phonetic Signifiers with Katz at blank, Ipanama Writing

2019 - O’Toole, S. Bronwyn Katz’s “/ // ! ǂ”, Art Agenda

2019 - Jamal, A. Archaeology of an Absence: Bronwyn Katz’s ‘/ // ! ǂ’, Art Throb

2018 - Naidoo, R. Katz makes a jump from her mattress, Mail & Guardian, South Africa

2018 - Furtado, W.  Bronwyn Katz: Overcoming Boundaries in Poetic Ways, Contemporary And

2018 - Diallo, A. In Conversation with Bronwyn Katz: Uses Beds to Trace How People Move in the City, Contemporary And

2017 - Ghost Stories: Bronwyn Katz’s ‘Grondskryf’, Art Throb

2017 - In Conversation – Bronwyn Katz, Clementine Zine

2016 - Shorkend, D. Bronwyn Katz ‘Groenpunt’, ART AFRICA, South Africa

2016 - Dee, C. Bronwyn Katz Reflections on Memory, Bubblegum Club

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